Rent a Bandall

In addition to purchasing options, we also offer rental and lease options in many countries. Temporary sales promotions or promotional packaging sometimes require temporary banding solutions. Some companies decide to start with a trial period, testing out a bundling or banding machine. This is why Bandall always has a number of Stand Alone machines available for rental.

Read more about the Stand Alone machine here.


The benefits of renting

  • Can be used flexibly for, for example, seasonal work
  • No investment costs required
  • The possibility to test a new packaging concept
  • Possible from 2 weeks
  • Both rent and (financial)lease possible
  • We even apply up to 100% of your rental fees when you purchase your rental machine within a year!

Tailor-made rental

As the Stand Alone is easily and flexibly deployable, you can easily and temporarily integrate the machine into your existing production and packaging process. We have a wide range available. With or without extra options such as printers or a positioning system. Get in touch and ask about the possibilities.

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