Bandall TRB Series

The Bandall TRB series consists of fully automatic banding machines, where the product is guided through the banding process by driven conveyor belts. A machine that is often used for the banding or bundling of In-mould labels (IML), boxes, or stacks of industrial laundry.

Smart product detection

Banding machines from the TRB are standard equipped with a multi-connector for the exchange of signals. For example, for sensors which allow you to band products of different sizes without interruption.


With the V-TRB is the ultimate in speed and simplicity! With this machine, even higher production speeds can be achieved, with up to 40 bands per minute.
TRB in action

Extra possibilities

The TRB has many possibilities:

  • The speed of the infeed and outfeed line can be set individually
  • Printers for variable information per product series, such as expiry date, QR code or bar code, can be added
  • A press can be added for pressing down, for example, textile, cardboard or In-mould labels

Kissing Conveyor option

With the so-called Kissing Conveyor, the two driven conveyor belts in the banding arch are briefly brought together. This means that certain products, such as bundles of short labels or bundles of laundry, can be brought into the banding arch more accurately. This provides advantages benefits for the quality of the banding process.

Your benefits

  • Minimum set-up time per product due to system memory
  • Smart product detection
  • Multiple bands per product possible
  • Easy to move
  • Plus all benefits of the unique Bandall band transport system
TRB in action

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