Stand Alone banding machines

The Bandall Stand Alone banding machines are available in many versions. They all have one thing in common. They are based on the successful standard model. The machine has a modular structure and is known for its flexible, durable, and highly reliable performance. An almost endless number of options such as stainless steel, Multi-Width, printer, positioning system, or press make the Stand Alone extremely versatile. With a constant focus on innovation and support, the machine meets the wishes of clients and the industry.

Bandall Stand Alone machines

Standard model

The Bandall Stand Alone consists of standardized modular components. As a result, the machine can be delivered quickly and easily, completely tailored to your wishes. The machine is standard available in various arch sizes and is suitable for 28, 40, 48, 60, 75, 100 and 125 mm wide banding material. Different widths are also possible upon request. With the Multi-Width option, you can achieve even more flexibility, as it allows you to run multiple band widths on the same machine.

Branding by Banding model

The stainless steel model with positioning technology is referred to as the Branding by Banding model. Thanks to the combination of stainless steel, positioning technology, and optional printing technology, this machine is the most flexible labeling and bundling machine on the market. A well-designed and well-positioned band strengthens the appeal of your product on the shelf.

Multi-Width option

Multiple band widths on one arch

The Multi-Width option allows you to adjust the banding machine to a number of other band widths in no time. Simply add or remove components, like the channel reducer, to or from the arch, change the banding material, and you are ready to go! A machine running 100 mm material, can now be adjusted to, for example, 90 mm or 75 mm by using these reducers. Or a machine using a width of 75 mm can then be adjusted to 60 mm or 48 mm. This way the already flexible Bandall machine is even more flexible.

Unique band feed-through system

The way in which our machines guide the banding material to the banding arch is unique on the market. Thanks to the vacuum feed-through system and the Ultra Clean Seal system (UCS ), you can be assured of a smooth, fast, and clean banding process. An additional advantage of this, is that the machine has fewer wearing parts compared to similar machines on the market. It is also the only machine on the market that can process materials starting from 35 mµ.

The unique Bandall vacuum feed system eliminates friction in the arch. This helps to create a faster and more reliable band transport. The advantages include:

  • Fewer parts that are subject to wear
  • Only banding system compatible with very large arch sizes
  • Side sealing and top sealing possible without affecting quality or performance

The unique Bandall Ultra Clean Seal system (UCS) ensures a very fast and firm seal, where the perfect combination of speed, heat, and pressure guarantees a clean smoke- and odour-free sealing.

Your benefits

  • Reliable and damage-free banding, thanks to unique and advanced band feed-through system
  • Lowest cost of ownership!
  • High production capacity possible
  • User-friendly operation
  • Huge reduction of packaging material
  • Clean and odor free, thanks to the Ultra Clean Seal (UCS)
  • Sustainable investment

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